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Naomi Walker
Email: engee.arts@gmail.com

Chester-born Landscape Artist
Naomi Walker is a self-taught landscape artist hailing from Chester, England. Drawn to the beauty of the natural world, Walker translates her surroundings onto canvas, capturing the essence of the British landscape in her chosen mediums of oil or acrylic. Her artistic journey began without formal training, fueled by a personal passion for the outdoors and a desire to preserve its grandeur on a two-dimensional plane.

Walker's artistic approach prioritises the emotive aspect of landscapes. Her paintings delve beyond mere physical representation, seeking to evoke a sense of place and the feelings it inspires. Whether it's the tranquility of a rolling countryside or the drama of a rugged coastline, Walker's landscapes invite viewers on a vibrant visual journey, transporting them to the heart of the scene.

Her dedication and raw talent recently landed her a coveted spot as a wildcard artist on the popular television show, "Landscape Artist of the Year" in June 2023 aired in January 2024 on SkyArts. This achievement marks a turning point in Walker's career,  solidifying her position as an emerging talent within the British landscape art scene.

As Naomi Walker continues to hone her craft, her connection to the natural world and her ability to translate its essence onto canvas promise a captivating artistic journey for years to come.

Galleries: Art Box Gallery (Chester) Ltd, 96 Boughton, Chester.  CH3 5AQ ✉️ sales@artboxchester.co.uk
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